The Grey Lady

"As first star wakes she wanders there
Looking for her love to meet
By ancient stones and hedgerows bare
In winter rain or summer's heat"

The Grey Lady takes its name from a folk tale featuring The Dark Hedges, an intriguing road of beech trees in Northern Ireland reputed to be haunted by a spectral ‘Grey Lady’. She appears at dusk, gliding along the roadside only to disappear as she passes the last tree. On many occasions a faint odour of bergamot appears in conjunction with, or sometimes instead of, a sighting of her. This has led to speculation that she lived or worked at nearby Gracehill House, as Orangeries were the height of fashion in big houses during Victorian times.

Ruputed to be of stunning beauty, she has gained quite a following among amorous young ghost hunters, who compete to get a prolonged sighting of her and catch her attention. It is said that any she favours with a glance will gain an otherworldly allure and meet their eventual end delirious with passion.


The Grey Lady is our refreshingly light take on a classic favourite. Ceylon Orange Pekoe black tea, bursting with uplifting, aromatic bergamot and fruity orange pieces and finished with a sprinkling of sunflower petals.



Serving suggestion:

Boil freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for three minutes and drink with or without milk.


Ceylon orange pekoe black tea, Hibiscus, Apple pieces, Rosehip, Orange peel, Sunflower petals, Flavour

Tea weights:

  10g - 4 cup sample sachet

  90g - Apothecary jar
  80g - Regular refill bag

Please remember contents may settle in transit.