Buy One Give One Free

With my 'Buy One Give One Free' promise, I will donate one cup of tea to charity for every single cup of tea purchased.

So enjoy a touch of luxury, and know that you are enabling someone less fortunate to savour a nice hot cup of tea.

Right from the outset, Miss McKeown was determined that the company must be a benefit to society as a whole. She wanted to go further than lipservice to industry schemes, and do something local and different. Leery of financial donations ending up in unintended places, or top executives getting rich on them, she committed the company to something tangible. Something her suppliers and advisors warned against as a massive and unnecessary profit suck...

The 'Buy One Give One Free' scheme pledges one cup of tea for charity for every cup purchased. And we don't track tea sold. We track tea ordered. Every 2.5 grams of tea ordered from our suppliers equates to one cup of tea for charity, and we only deal with charities who are willing to take delivery of actual teabags. This means there is no fancy calculation which can be fudged in anyone's favour, and there is no way of anyone taking a donation and it ending up not as intended. Whether you bought it, were gifted it, or had it at a friend's house, every cup of Miss McKeown's tea you enjoy is also a cup of tea in the hand of someone less fortunate. It's that simple.