Delivery Rates & Times

Delivery Rates

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Delivery times

Orders often leave us within 1-2 days, or at busy times 5-7 days, but we ask you to please allow 28 days for delivery. We very much want to treat each order with the care and attention it deserves.

tea packingWe're a small company and we hand-pack our tea in small batches only a few times a month. If it has been busy, occasionally that means waiting an extra day or two to make up a new apothecary jar for you.

We also want to treat our staff with the care and attention they deserve. We embrace the ethos of taking time to be present, and that tea and life are both experiences not to be rushed. We believe that having hundreds of orders slapped together and thundering out the door as fast as possible may be the route to bigger profits, but it would make hypocrites of us and make work miserable. We hope you understand that this is also why we don't do rush orders.

We're very fortunate to be getting busier, but that also means that tea batches are getting larger and there will be more orders in the queue in front of yours. We're not a big supermarket, and we aren't just lifting products down from a shelf and into boxes. Multiple orders are co-ordinated depending on their contents, which also determines which blends are scheduled for packing. Sadly offering to collect your order won't help us speed this part up...

No Collection

Due to our small size we unfortunately can't arrange for you to collect your order.

  • Our small team are multi-talented and are often out at markets, events or trade meetings, so there may not be someone here if you call.
  • Making special arrangements for single orders also circumvents all our internal processes, which allow us to stay organised in a very small space with a very small staff.
  • Finally, there is no way for staff to fulfil orders unless they have been placed through the website, as they have no way to take payment and it can cause awful problems with stock control for other pending orders.