We're proud of our range of blends; from the full-flavour of the blacks, and the subtlety of the greens and whites, to the bursting-with-goodness fruit and herbals.

Limited Editions

Limited Edition Turkish Delight [Read more...]

A treat fit for any Winter Queen or King...
if you dare.

Only while stocks last!


Black Teas

Heritage Breakfast [Read more...]

Invigorate your day with this historic Irish blend of malty, rich Assam and refreshing Sri Lankan black teas. Fortifying and comforting.

The Grey Lady [Read more...]

The Grey Lady is our refreshingly light take on a classic favourite, bursting with uplifting, aromatic bergamot and fruity orange pieces.

Chai Melange [Read more...]

Widely drunk in the former Colonies from small glasses or terracotta cups, as an all-day pick-me-up. This warming, spicy black tea is delicious with plenty of milk and sugar for a comforting treat.

Warm Gingerbread [Read more...]

A traditional treat in tea form: invigorating Ceylon black tea combined with deep ginger, sweet cinnamon and smooth vanilla for an indulgent brew that will warm your heart. Especially good at Christmas.

Quatermain's Study [Read more...]

Redolent of peat fires, old books & leather armchairs, with a fiery ginger finish.

Green and White Teas

Pear Champagne [Read more...]

Premium Chinese white and green teas with hints of pear & juicy strawberry. An exquisitely subtle blend that oozes sophistication and elegance.

Fruit and Herbal Blends

Chamomile Haze [Read more...]

Gentle chamomile, with hints of honey sweetness, lemon verbena, tangy elderflower and fragrant rose petals. A taste of tranquillity.

Goblin Market [Read more...]

All the fruits we could squeeze into it. No goblins were harmed in the making of this blend.

Rhubarb & Ginger [Read more...]

Refreshingly fruity, with a touch of cleansing ginger - a virtuous choice at any time of day.

Mint Humbug [Read more...]

A burst of mint mellowed with creamy caramel, splendid for soothing the
stomach & aiding digestion.

Tesla's Workshop [Read more...]

This yerba mate blend is a bitter infusion with a slightly metallic aftertaste, particularly high in caffeine, and, of course, a favourite of engineers everywhere.

Seasonal Blends

Those magical blends we only make for a few months each year.

Limited Edition Turkish Delight

A treat fit for any Winter Queen or King...
if you dare.

Melted away again until next year...

Gone But Not Forgotten

Blends we have enjoyed in the past and sadly said goodbye to.

Viscount's Mint

Dignified mint swirled in luxurious chocolate, for a most refined after-dinner treat.

Afternoon Peach [Read more...]

Light, crisp Ceylon orange pekoe black tea with subtle hints of peach, finished with honey sweet orange blossom. One sip will whisk you away to a summer’s day.

Assam Gold [Read more...]

Our award winning pure Assam has a strong, malty flavour with no aftertaste, giving this stout cup a surprisingly refined edge.

Royal Darjeeling [Read more...]

There are few teas more cultured and stylish than a really good Darjeeling. With its distinctive ‘muscatel’ flavour and aroma it's the perfect afternoon refreshment.

Lady Marmalade [Read more...]

Scandalously fruity fun. A burst of fresh orange, filled to the brim with vim and vigour.

Nettle & Elderflower [Read more...]

Capture some of that old hedgerow magic at any time of year with the charm of our leafy Nettle & Elderflower blend.