Goblin Market

“Squeezed from goblin fruits for you, Goblin pulp and goblin dew”

Arthur Rackham Goblin Market illustrationBe wary of the woods at night; hug to the hedges and seek shelter by tree, for it is the blackest night when Goblins roam free. Goblins, erelong the scourge of wandering youth, reveal themselves to few. These spreaders of mischief harvest the hidden fruits of the woods and, for a price, will share them with the curious mortals who step into their domain.

These fruits are said to bear transcendent flavour. Abundant in nectar and seductively sweet, Goblin fruit is borne of virile soil and carries with it the dew of the undergrowth, of the sweetest berries tucked beyond stinging thistle and thorn’ed bramble, tantalising, forever out of mortal grasp.

Ever the keen adventurer, Miss McKeown has produced a tea to delight the palate of Goblin and human alike. This blend carries with it the flavours of the forest; of freshly-picked blackberries, verdant apple, sweet strawberries and faery-spun elderflower*.

As for the price? The toll for Goblin fruits is a cost too dear to most mortals… yet for a little sum, one could enjoy the taste of the Goblin Market all year round.

*Miss McKeown’s cannot guarantee faery sightings or protection from evil based on Elderflower consumption.

Goblin Market is named after a Victorian narrative poem by Christina Rossetti.


A deeply coloured fruit infusion brimming with juicy berry flavour and aroma; its wide variety of forest fruits gives the tea a uniquely sweet aroma with an intense fruity tang. Naturally caffeine-free and rich in vitamins and antioxidants.



Goblin Market Flute GlassSteep for 3-5 minutes in freshly drawn water heated to 100 degrees Celsius. Serve without milk. Also exceedingly good served chilled with ice.


Hibiscus, Apple pieces, Elderberries, Raspberry pieces, Strawberry pieces, Blackberries, Morello cherries, Rosehip peel, Blackcurrant leaves, Blackberry leaves, Rose petals, Flavour

Tea weights:

  14g - 4 cup sample sachet
110g - Apothecary jar
100g - Regular refill bag

Please remember contents may settle in transit.