Chamomile Haze

"Drift away on a soothing Chamomile daydream"

An ancient and valued herb, Chamomile's soothing properties have been held in high esteem for centuries. The Anglo-Saxons counted Chamomile as one of the nine sacred herbs that smote evil incarnate. While no longer dispensed in the task of devil-slaying, chamomile remains a soothing and sweet brew with the gentle suggestion of apple. This most mellow of infusions is purported to calm emotions, relax muscles, aid sleep, and treat nausea and stomach complaints.

Gentle chamomile, with hints of honey sweetness, lemon verbena, tangy elderflower and fragrant rose petals. A taste of tranquillity.


Steep for 3 minutes in freshly drawn water heated to 100 degrees Celsius. Serve without milk.


Chamomile, Lemon verbena, Elderflower, Rose petal

Tea weights:

    4g - 4 cup sample sachet
  40g - Victorian jar
  40g - Apothecary jar
  70g - Large refill bag
  40g - Regular refill bag

Please remember contents may settle in transit.