Afternoon Peach

"Nectar for mere mortals would surely taste like this"

Redolent of lazy summer days and warm orchards, Afternoon Peach is the treat you deserve when life or metabolism won't quite let you lie around in the sun and eat desserts all day. This perky black is perfect for tea drinkers who want a little something in the afternoon that still tastes like their familar, comforting cuppa, and its subtle flavours make it a perfect accompaniment to any afternoon treats.


Light, crisp Ceylon orange pekoe black tea with subtle hints of peach, finished with honey sweet orange blossom. A subtley fruity, thirst-quenching beverage that is the perfect accompaniment to afternoon tea. One sip will whisk you away to a summer’s day.




Boil freshly drawn water, infuse leaves for three minutes and drink with or without milk.


Sri Lankan black tea, Orange blossom, Natural dried papaya, Freeze-dried peach, Jasmine, Calendula, Sunflower petals, Blackberry  leaves, Flavour

Tea weights:

 2.5g - Single Teabag Gift Envelope
  10g - 4 cup sample sachet
100g - Victorian jar
  80g - Apothecary jar
130g - Large refill bag
  80g - Regular refill bag

Please remember contents may settle in transit.

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