...and to All a Good Night December 17 2018

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

That's all the last orders packaged up ready for posting in the morning, though you've time to sneak one in if you're willing to risk it being late.

And I'm afraid we also have some sad news. As many of you know, we are a small family business. Unfortunately we've had a particularly bad series of personal events the last few months, and we've finally taken the difficult decision that we will not be reopening to retail sales after Christmas.

We just don't have the ability to keep up with individual retail orders right now, and we'd rather not do it, than do it increasingly badly. Hopefully the future will offer a change in circumstances that means we can reopen, as we have loved speaking to every one of you by email and at markets and our heart really lies in making lovely individual experiences. We appreciate your respect for our privacy at this difficult time, however.

May all the finest things the season has to offer find their way to you - Merry Christmas.

Turkish Delight November 16 2016

Every year we celebrate the C.S. Lewis festival with the release of our luscious Turkish Delight blend. Order yours from Friday 18th! 

A treat fit for any Winter Queen or King... if you dare.

 Miss McKeowns Turkish Delight

One of the most ancient sweets known to man, this sugary delicacy stands the test of time with gracious aplomb; from Sultan’s palace to Victorian high society it is a gift-wrapped token of admiration from a true gentleman to the object of his most earnest affections. And it is not without a dark side – you have surely heard tell of the Icy Queen for whom these treats were a most effective tool of persuasion, ushering her rivals to spill their secrets in the hope of another helping.

Turkish Delight is a scintillating blend of Chinese black tea, pure cocoa shells and delicate rose petals; a delight on the nose and a taste to brighten away Winter’s melancholy with its robust, rosy flavour and creamy finish. Suitable for Sultans, Ice Queens, talking lions, and all stalwart souls who brave the frozen Winter mornings.

Like the season’s frost, however, this Limited Edition blend will not last long - once Winter comes to a close, it will melt from our wardrobes, never to be seen again.


Steep for 3-5 minutes in freshly drawn water heated to 100 degrees Celsius. Serve with or without milk and sugar.


Chinese black tea, Cocoa shells, Rose petals, Flavour

Holiday orders and closures December 14 2015

LAST DATE for Christmas orders: 18th for UK, 14th for EU

Please note that we are closed between 21st Dec and Twelfth Night (5th Jan). You can still order, but you may have to wait a little longer than usual for your delivery.